Just a quick update.  I’ve been sick.  Struck down by fever on Friday (had to work anyway almost the full day).  Been sleeping a lot.  Fever’s broken, I’m dosing with vitamin C, ecchinecea, zinc, chamomile tea, and chicken soup.  Feeling better but not at 100%.  Good news is that it was sinus crud with drainage, not strep (which is what I was afraid of when my throat caught fire on Friday).  I am making chicken n dumplins.  Gluten free no less.  We’ll see how that turns out.  Bigger post tomorrow.



  1. Sorry you had sinus trouble that can be so painful.. Once I had to have my sinus drained I do not recommend it unless this is a recurrent problem. it sounds as if you are treating with all the time tested remedies. Good health to you

  2. I hope you get better soon! I don’t know what’s been this week, but I was ill, too… Thankfully, I’m almost healthy now.
    *knocks on wood thrice*
    Relax, watch tv or read – and forget the worries for a day or two. That usually helps.

  3. We should form support groups, Kait. My post-nasal drip flared up Christmas day. That night I felt the first of three days worth of fever. I’m never cold, so I knew that I was in big trouble as soon as I felt that first fever. Thankfully I was starting my two week vacation, although it certainly didn’t allow me to enjoy the holidays the way I had hoped that I would. I’m feeling better, but once my nose starts acting up it doesn’t stop for weeks. I’m clearing my throat constantly, irritating everyone around me.
    I hope you feel better soon.


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