Going Internet Dark

So I’m going dark today.  Not in some kind of protest or dark rememberance of the 9/11 bombings.  But because I just don’t want to hear about it.  I don’t want to hear where everyone was when they heard.  I don’t feel the need to shout out where I was.  It didn’t affect me.  Not really.  Other than fueling my decision to stop watching the news more than a decade ago.  I was fortunate not to have any friends or family in New York.

To those who truly were affected, who were in New York or actually lost someone, my heart goes out to you.  It was a heinous, horrible day in our country’s history.

But to the rest of the country who are shouting that they’ll never forget, it feels a lot less like remembering the fallen and a lot more like making sure the hatred is alive and well, and I can do without that.

I guarantee most of them didn’t make a post about Pearl Harbor.

See y’all tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Funny, I was thinking of comparing this to Pearl Harbor, too. More along the lines of “How long will it take for 9/11 to fade from social consciousness,” but it has the same basic feeling behind it as your (much better worded) post.

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