Being Scared

My brain is still recovering from the grant process this week (and YES, I finished EARLY), so I wanted to pass you on to a video I saw on Youtube by this adorable British guy who talks very frankly about fear and creativity.

I think there’s a lot here that we can all relate to as creative individuals–stuff we don’t talk about but that’s absolutely out there.  So take a gander.



  1. I feel exactly like Charlie lately. I have ambitions and dreams and when I do find time to sit down and do them, it’s all like all of it vanishes! Or what I get out, is really really crappy. That’s why I liked listening to James Rollins at DFW Con, because his office has a sign in it that says “Give yourself permission to write crap.” That and Candace Havens’ “Believe in the magic of writing” have been great mottos.

  2. Reblogged this on "CommuniCATE" Resources for Writers and commented:
    I don’t usually reblog, and my apologies if two in a day is too much, but Charlie has so much to say on his experience of creativity that so many of us will relate to, I had to pass this on.

    Those of you with a Youtube account, please go over and give him a virtual hug.

    This is what creativity often feels like at ground level. You can grow past this place, but it’s easy to slip back into. Knowing it’s just a bump in the road will help you move forward.

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