Where For Art Thou, Cave?

Friday was full of EPIC DRAMA at the evil day job.  No reason to get into any of the details here, but I spent most of the day mediating and attempting to problem solve and THOUGHT I’d gotten somewhere with it.

Only to come in this morning to find a massive escalation of said drama.  All is entirely out of my hands.  Which is fine.  I didn’t want it in my hands to start with.

Really, can I just go hang out in my nice, quiet cave?  I’d be good with that.  A week of data entry sounds GREAT right now.  Then I might actually, you know, CATCH UP from having been gone.

In other more positive news, I did NOT, in fact, get eaten by zombies on my run this morning (although it was a near thing on that last hill–the horde nearly caught me because I just couldn’t keep running).  That would’ve been an epically sucky way to start Monday.  I’m not sure my boss would buy “Infected by zombies” as an excuse to use a sick day…  Really digging the Zombies! RUN! app.  I did a little over 2.5 miles this morning at just under a 13 minute mile.  Got some work to do to get back to where I was in December.

And because I am out of interesting things to say, I pass you over to the ever brilliant Chuck Wendig who hypothesizes about Star Wars Episode 7.



  1. I would give ANYTHING to work in a Fortress of Solitude. I sit right next to the team Drama Llama (clue–everyone within a 24-cubicle radius is determinedly plugged in) and I could really use the peace and quiet to, yanno, focus. Especially when working with millions of dollars of other people’s money. I’m really too old and too tired to deal with the shenanigans. *sympathy*

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