Operation G.I.T.: Spartacus Triple Set Scorcher Review

I’ve already written about my experience with the Spartacus Workout Total Body Blitz.  This morning I finally got around to trying out the other workout DVD that came with the set: the Spartacus Triple Set Scorcher.

This one is a 30 minute workout comprised of 9 exercises broken down into 3 exercise sets.  And then at the tail end a 2 minute thing with a towel that made me feel totally silly but definitely worked my arms.  I personally felt like this wasn’t quite as challenging as the Total Body Blitz, but that could easily be on me as I was moving a bit slower than normal.  Morning.  We do not get along.

The thing that I really love about both of these workouts (apart from the fact that there is nary a jumping jack in sight–30 Day Shred I’m looking at you!) is that you’ve got 4 people to watch doing different variations and different levels of intensity.  There is LOTS of room for personalization due to fitness level, injury, etc.  Plenty of variation to up the intensity so that you don’t outgrow this workout over time.  It’ll be a really nice, overall addition to my fitness routine, interspersing with 3 days of running (or replacing running on a rainy day).

All in all, I think Women’s Health and Men’s Health did a great job with this DVD combo pack creating something that’s intense and versatile and TOTALLY fits in to any home workout routine as long as you’ve got 6-8 feet of space to move in front of your TV.  Well done!



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