In The Final Stretch…

There’s something in the air…besides the haze of yellow pollen.

Student emailed yesterday to say she saw material from the third unit on her unit 2 exam. I go look, email her back that that’s because she took the unit 3 exam instead of the unit 2 exam.  She emails back this morning to say, no, I’m pretty sure I took the right one.

I am frightened for the fate of our country.

But whatever.  I have more exciting things to think about.  I am within spitting distance of the end of Riven.  Okay, maybe that’s only if I deign to rival Brian Krause (he’s the dude in the Guiness Book of World Records for longest distance spitting a cherry pit–there evidently isn’t a record for distance of spit by itself), but the point is I only have SIX SCENES LEFT.   Well, and a partial scene from back in Act 2 that I need to go back and finish.  This is only 3/4ths of a scene less to go than I had before my writing block yesterday, but somehow mentally, I feel like I’ve gotten over that roller coaster hump and am barreling toward the end.

I’ll be out of town for the weekend, holed up in a cabin with no internet while my spouse is off being a photographer.  I don’t expect to actually FINISH this weekend (though wouldn’t that be awesome?), but I am setting myself the target of trying to get through the final fight scene (that’s 4 scenes from now).  Then I can take my time winding up the final chapter and going back to fill in that one scene next week.

The end is nigh, NIGH I TELL YOU!

Must do some serious scene planning for the next four scenes so that I can just dive right in when I sit down to actually write them.

And once that’d done, then I can PLAY!  Wheeeeeeeee!  At least until my CPs get back to me about revisions.


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