What Do You Look For In Entertainment?

So last week I had a little bit of a ranty post about how so many male authors seem to be allergic to any kind of happy ending.  And a comment by one of my male pals got me to wondering…what exactly is it that MEN look for in entertainment that is actually being delivered by the books written by their half of the species.  Being a social scientist, OF COURSE that means I’m going to GIVE A SURVEY (I do love me some data).

So please, spread this far and wide.  I would really like a decent sample size.

Gender and entertainment survey.



  1. I took the survey! Unfortunately, my brothers won’t take the survey. What I know about them, though, is that they like action and plausibility. They like the bad guy to get his, even if the hero dies trying. They don’t mind some romance, but aren’t interested in the chick-flick level of romance.

  2. I’m glad you did this…I almost commented on your prior post, but couldn’t come up with the right words. Because to me, preferring a certain type of ending over others doesn’t even make sense — I want the ending that feels right, that makes it the best, most complete story possible, where at the end of the day (usually) I feel like I’ve learned something or at least experienced something “real” (which isn’t at all to say the story itself has to be “realistic”). Sometimes that means happily ever after, and sometimes that means everybody dies. I just don’t think of it as something in particular that I want to get out of an ending; I just want it to end the way it should.

    I took the survey but wanted to tack that on here as well. 🙂

  3. Apparently I can’t access Google Docs at work (which seems a bit odd, but whatever), but I shall pass this around and fill it out myself when I’m home.

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