Morganville Vampires As A Web Series? Check It!

I am a big fan of web series.  I went gaga over The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  So much so that I was one of the backers for their DVD and Welcome to Sanditon Kickstarter (I have so far been underwhelmed by that show, but maybe they just haven’t gotten going yet–the hinted romance between Clara and Ed has piqued my interest).  I love web series because they’re typically shorter, something I can watch in spurts during breaks at work.  And then there are all of those shows we watch online period.  Hubby and I both watched the straight to Netflix adaptation of Hemlock Grove, and he’s been eagerly devouring Arrested Development.  So when I saw author Rachel Caine had a Kickstarter for a web series adaptation for her Morganville Vampire series, I sat up and took notice.

Here’s the Kickstarter pitch from Rachel herself:

Morganville is a HUUUUGELY popular series of vampire books.  I admit, I avoided it all this time because I was SOOOOOOOO over vampires.  But I went back and checked out the summary for the first book, Glass Houses, and grabbed the audiobook, which promises to have a snarky, entertaining heroine, who over the stretch of FOURTEEN (seriously…I am in NEED of a new, long series to keep me entertained between Nalini Singh releases) books, kicks ass.  I like the concept, this notion of a town that’s owned and run by vampires.  They’re the majority, not the minority.  And it’s not HIGH SCHOOL.  Yay local university!  I had a whacked out dream several years ago about a similar concept that I’ll never write but was always intrigued by, so it definitely seems like this is going to ring all my happy bells.

And as far as the web series, HELLO, AMBER BENSON!  I loved her in Buffy (I really object to the fact that she got Whedoned) and look forward to the prospect of seeing her PLAYING a vampire rather than SLAYING them.

So check it out and spread the word.  Maybe they’ll start A TREND! :ponders other books I want to see this done with…:



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