Catching Up

I didn’t write yesterday.  After doing all the OTHER stuff I HAD to get done chorewise yesterday, I was just wiped out.  So instead I plowed through The Return of Rafe MacKade and snuggled with my puppies.

Today I’ve been digging out of the inevitable backlog of having been out of town, plowing through work email, making the week’s To Do List, catching up on grading, etc.  Tonight I MUST get back to revisions on Riven.  I really hate the slog through the end of a second draft.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I hate having a second DRAFT entirely.  I’m DESPERATE to go play in my new sandbox.  But I have to EARN the new sandbox.

:eyes remaining revisions with loathing:


Also, there are 8 more lectures for me to record.  All of them to edit.  A syllabus to write.  Tests to compose.  :cries:

I am imagining a vacation wherein I do nothing but read.


Penny for your thoughts...

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