Monday Miscellany

I thought I’d escaped.  Somehow, for once in my life, slipped right on by under the radar of all the pollen that has, for the bulk of my existence, left me with the desire to be curled up in bed with an extra large box of Puffs from the months of March to November.  But no.  No, allergy season was just waiting until fall to knock me on my ass this year.  I will say, it was quite nice and unusual to get to enjoy spring and summer for once (I love winter because all the crap I’m allergic to dies).  But today…yeah, today I want to be back in bed.  Maybe doze on the sofa with a marathon of Chopped.

I am, of course, at work, hoping the D part of the Zyrtec D I took this morning when I got up is going to kick in soon.

Meanwhile, moar tea.

I blame weird sinus stuff for all the dreams of bugs that had me jerking awake repeatedly through the night.  I actually found myself out of bed, twice, wandering down the hall.  To where, I have no idea.  I’m not a sleepwalker (sleepTALKER, yes).  Nothing like thinking you’re being crawled on…

I dove right on in to the next project (Be Careful, It’s My Heart) yesterday.  Didn’t rack up a huge word count, but did my read through and finished out the scene I left off in the middle of when I put this novella down in January and filled in some of the brackets I’d left.  I’m right at the halfway mark, less one scene.  If I’m actually conscious after work and don’t fall immediately into coma nap territory, I’ll work on that this evening.

Hope everyone has a good and allergy free Monday.


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