Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well I finally finished first pass revisions on Be Careful, It’s My Heart.  It went out to my first round of beta readers on Thursday.
  2. I immediately dove into plotting A NEW SHINY.  It is not the new shiny I had anticipated working on for NaNo.  I was all set to continue in the contemporary universe Be Careful is in, but then I got slapped upside the head with an answer I’ve been searching for for nearly THREE YEARS.  So, direction change.  But I will say this.  SophieMickLizaIslaRansom…..

    That is all.



  1. Ooh, Kait, you ARE a tease! I love when those answers come and slap me, and,suddenly – It. All. Makes.Sense!

    congratulations on the editing pass, and may that new direction delight you all November long, and well beyond! =D

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