Three Awesome Things

I don’t have a two story house, but if I did, I would LOVE to have a slide to get from top to bottom!  I mean, how could that not make you smile?

I mentioned a while back that I was SUPER DUPER excited about Nora Roberts’ latest trilogy.  The first book  Dark Witch is JUST RELEASED and it’s like, most of my happy place wishlist rolled up into one.  Horses.  Check.  Ireland.  Check.  Magic.  Check.  HAPPY HAPPY!


And since it is HALLOWEEN, I wanted to share some FUN PUMPKINS!  This was my favorite from the This Old House pumpkin carving contest.  Check out the other winners!



  1. I WANTED a two story house, but my husband vetoed that idea when we built ours. But a slide would have been AWESOME.

    I’m not a huge Nora Roberts fan, but I really like her supernatural ones. There was one trilogy about three sisters or friends…I can never remember the names of those books.

    I absolutely love looking at all the amazing carvings people do with pumpkins. The talent!

      1. I think the ones I read were the Three Sisters Island trilogy. My mom loves Nora. I tried reading her again, but I really didn’t like Chasing Fire. I probably picked a bad one. Maybe I should try something different, like another “magical” trilogy. 🙂

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