Three Awesome Things

Okay I have no idea how to embed a Facebook video (I don’t think they give an option that isn’t javascript, which isn’t allowed on, but this is Ed Sheeran doing the end song for Desolation of Smaug and it’s amazing.  I couldn’t find it on Youtube.

I just saw the trailer for Austenland this week and OMG, MUST GO SEE for anyone who loves Jane Austen.  It looks hilarious.


And on a foodie front, if you have never had freshly baked pita bread YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  Here’s an amazing recipe for homemade pita bread (and another for the gluten free crowd, though I haven’t tested this one).



  1. Oh my stars, I’ve GOT to see Austenland! And I love Jennifer Coolidge, so that’s a bonus. I’ve got to figure out which of my friends would actually go see this with me. Maybe Anya….

    The pita bread at the Greek restaurant across the street from where I work was amazing. Unfortunately, they just closed last week. 😦 I miss them….

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