My Brain Isn’t Here Of A Tuesday

Some days you just feel like this:

I’d like to not be here (here being the EDJ) of a Tuesday.  But nevertheless, here I am (now struggling with a desire to go watch that whole movie again).

It’s all kinds of blustery today and my attention span is flagging.

I’ve broken out the Charlie Brown Christmas Pandora station.  Don’t judge me.  Walmart had Christmas stuff out BEFORE HALLOWEEN WAS PAST.  I really ought to give some thought to Christmas shopping.


:goes to hide behind latest plot bunny:



  1. I don’t want to be here either! I’m too sick to be here…but here I am. 😦 There are just some days….

    There’s nothing wrong with Charlie Brown Christmas. I think it’s awesome! My future daughter-in-law wanted to know if I could watch her daughter while she and my son went Christmas shopping. I was thinking “Is it time already?” Yes…yes, it is.

    Kait, let’s shop early so we won’t be stressed this year! Really.

  2. Fortunately, I don’t have many people to shop for, so I do it all online, all comfy-cozy in my pjs with a nice cuppa. I haven’t set foot in a store during the holidays in YEARS. I also plan throughout the year what I’m going to be getting people so I don’t sweat it. SO much less stress to do it this way, lemme tell ya. *Christmas Shopping Ninja Badge* *flexes*

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