It is END OF SEMESTER here at the evil day job, so I’m going to be busy busy today calculating final grades, sorting a schedule for spring semester, and working on other stuff.  So just a SHORT AND SWEET post.

With the release of Be Careful, It’s My Heart and my finally having succumbed to Facebook after years of being all

I’m experimenting with some new stuff.

I have created a Facebook group where fans of the Wishful series can come hang out and talk about…well whatever.  Characters.  The town.  Stuff they loved.  Stuff they’d like to see.  Today we’ve been discussing plotting vs. pantsing and Norah and Cam.  Past discussions have been about Christmas theme stuff to do with the novella.  In any event, it’s a closed group, so if you decide to join, your comments and stuff will be private within the group.  If you’re interested, please request to join (I didn’t want to go and force add people–I HATE that!)!  And if you’re already a member, feel free to invite your friends!



Penny for your thoughts...

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