Three Awesome Things

I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been surfing and gathering stuff the last few weeks.  But today’s batch of awesome:

37 Kitchen Hacks from Jillee.  I absolutely love this woman’s blog.   I totally want to try the one about putting a pinch of salt in your jug of milk to make it stay fresh longer!

The season finale of Sleepy Hollow.  I know I mentioned this on Sunday, but I’m still hanging out in HOLY CRAP! territory.  Season 2 cannot start soon enough.

The Girl Rising score by Lorne Balfe and Rachel Portman.  Gorgeous.

And as a bonus awesome thing, the first Meet Cute Romance, Once Upon A Snow Day will be available for FREE from today through Saturday.   So go grab it and tell a friend!



  1. I knew some of those kitchen tips, but there were many I didn’t. What a great list! I love this.

    And Sleepy Hollow…just wow.

    I can’t listen to the music at the moment…listening to Bob Marley right now. 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your Three Awesome Things posts!

  2. A pinch of salt, really? Milk doesn’t go bad in our house unfortunately. With two growing boys and the hubs cookie addiction, we’re lucky if three gallons gets us through the week. 🙂 I’m going to have to check out her site. Thanks for the score recommendation. I need to catch up on Sleepy Hallow. I downloaded and tweeted about Once Upon a Snow Day. Hope you get lots of downloads this week.

    I’m also a fan of your three awesome things post.

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