Three Awesome Things: Crowd Sourced Edition

Since I was gone to RT last week, I wasn’t around to get my usual collection of Awesomeness for today’s post.  So I put out a hail on FB and Twitter.

Susan Bischoff submitted this link.  Artist Patrick Ballesteros has created this image of all our favorite Firefly characters as kids.  How awesome is that?



I found this project for a DIY Jetpack somewhere else in my FB stream.   I completely want to steampunkify this.

And I don’t even know this song but, this dad and daughter get SO MUCH WIN!



  1. There are so many perfect things in that gorram cute Firefly fanart that I can’t even pick out a favorite. It’s a pretty close tie between Kaylee inside the hood and Inara off in her “shuttle.”

    All three of these are pretty darn awesome, though.

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