Looking For Olicity Fanfic Recs

Okay, so I’ve never been a big fan of fanfic.  I’m not averse to it (provided it’s not being written for monetary gain or against the wishes of the owner of the universe they’re co-opting), but in general it’s written by a lot of folks who, frankly, can’t write their way out of a paper bag.  I’ve got limited free time to read, so I tend toward professionally published and edited work.  Plus, I’ve got a TBR pile that’s halfway to the moon.

However, after watching the season finale of Arrow, I’m giving in.  See, I’ve been shipping Oliver and Felicity FROM THE GET GO.  So when it looked like that was happening, there was flailing and squeeing and beating on the arm of my chair because I just couldn’t even…  And then it wasn’t what it seemed and there was more flailing of a less positive nature.  BECAUSE OLICITY NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


Since I have to wait until God knows when, I NEED A FIX.  Hence, I am searching for well-written Olicity Fanfic.  Go!



Penny for your thoughts...

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