Three Awesome Things

This is crazy.


Is this going to be the next Super Size Me?  I think it’s simplifying the issue, but still an enormous component of the problem.


This made me all kinds of happy.  If you wanna miss the commentary, jump to 1:30.



  1. So they killed all the ants first? 😦

    I have mixed feelings about the whole sugar thing. I think the parents are the ones who ought to take charge of their kids’ eating and exercise habits, but most aren’t doing that. I’m a firm believer in moderation. As Americans, we’ve forgotten what that is. We understand excess, not moderation. Sugar isn’t the only thing that causes obesity. But it certainly helps contribute to it. Again, moderation. I’m a perfect example of what lack of control can do, and I’m working hard to fix that. Sugar didn’t get me here…eating WAY TOO MUCH got me here. (I’ve never eaten much sugar.)

    He did the Carlton! 🙂

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