Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

So it’s Wednesday.  I was hoping for Friday.  That’s a little bit of a kick in the pants.

Writing on TY has slowed down considerably the last couple of days, partially because I’ve been busy.  Partially because hubby got home from being out of town and I wanted to spend some time with him.  And partially because the hero of the plot bunny that bit me a couple weeks ago took over my brain yesterday to the tune of 3k words of plot notes.  He’s vomiting backstory this morning, explaining his motivations and psychological wounds, and I’m sort of wishing there were a version of Dragon Naturally Speaking that I could just hook up and let him talk to without the use of my fingers, which need to be working on Other Things.  I’m also wishing the shero would speak up.  But, you know, NOT TODAY because OTHER STUFF.

Upside, it’s cooler!  I’m starting to dream of chili.

Chuck Wendig had a fabulous, no holds barred SHUT UP AND WRITE post today that I loved.  Go check it out.



  1. We start thinkiing about chili, and stew, and pot roast, and all the other stuff it’s too hot to light the oven for during summer. Did you get any of the bad weather that went thru Alabama and Georgia yesterday?

    I’ve been trying to get Dragon Dictate to work again. They say that the version that I have on this computer doesn’t work with the version of the operating system I have, but then when I try to upgrade, I’m told that I have the current version. Software… can’t live with it, can’t kick the developer in the rear end…

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