Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

The END!!!!!!



I actually wrote The End on Monday (I have never been so glad for all my friends to bail on a social engagement), and I spent the last 2 days doing a final read through to fix typos, fill in some of the brackets for stuff I left.  It is off to The Pink Hammer and the Green Gobsmacker, as well as another lovely and dear friend who is in marketing and agreed to be my guinea pig to read for verisimilitude of my shero’s profession (because, yo, I made a LOT OF STUFF UP, despite scads of research).  Final word count, 103,021.   With 76,664 in my scratchpad.  So yeah, this thing totally went through 2 drafts even though I’m only just now hitting The End.  I averaged 993 words per writing day on this project, which is up from before, so that was happy making.

Next up, I need to go back and reread Be Careful, It’s My Heart, to make sure I didn’t contradict myself somewhere (and also to get my brain in place for Once Upon A Setup–didn’t you wonder if something was going on with Piper and Myles?  Psst.  There is!  And I’m writing a Meet Cute about it).



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