Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

Not a whole lot to report on this side.  While To Get Me To You is still with my CPs, I’ve dug out the house and been plotting some shorter things.  I’ve just barely started on Once Upon A Setup.  That one’s been plotted for months, actually, but I’ve been working on some character development for the hero, about whom I knew very little prior to this.  And I’ve also been playing with a second chance romance that will probably come out novella length.  I’m still sorting the specifics of the story problem there.  I’m holding off on diving whole hog  into the plotting of my next book (which isn’t Wishful) until I get TY out the door.

Meanwhile, I’ve been catching up on grading and reading a fair bit.

I’m trying to keep busy to distract myself from the wait for revision notes.  Logically, I know everyone is busy and that’s why it’s taking time, not that the book is a disaster.  But instinctively, I’m about a step and a half away from a flail.  Because this is the natural response to waiting on revisions.  You start assuming you mucked everything up and go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.


:organizes everything:

:paces more:



  1. I”m always nervous when people are looking at my book. I’m thinking “Oh, no, there will be so many revisions it will make my head spin!” But it’s usually not the case. We just worry, especially if that’s ever happened with a previous book.

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