Another Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I didn’t get to this yesterday because I was out of town all weekend for my mom’s birthday.  And once I got home I was tied up finishing the chores I didn’t get to Friday night before I left.
  2. As such, I didn’t get squat written.  I did, however, get bunnied in a BIG WAY by my husband and my crit partner.  So I did manage to scribbled down some notes on that future project, which will be a category length trilogy (I think).
  3. The high point of the weekend was getting to see White Christmas on the big screen.  I cannot describe the awesome of getting to see my favorite Christmas movie as it was intended.  Wonderful.  There are all these little details I never noticed on a TV screen before, even with the remastered BluRay.
  4. I have accepted that there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll get this Wishful novella done by the time I go back to work after the holiday break.  When I conceived of this personal NaNo type plan, I forgot about…oh at least half a dozen social engagements and other things related to the holidays, plus a few other things that have come up.  My hermitude just hasn’t happened.  So I’m just continuing to plug away and it will be done when it’s done.
  5. My other Seekrit Project had totally stalled out in the plotting stages, but a lengthy brainstorming session with Liana Brooks got me back on track for that Friday night.  I do hope to finish the toolkit for that book before I go back in January.
  6. Normally by this time I’ve been gorging in Christmas reading and Christmas movies, but so far I just…haven’t had enough time.  We did get almost all the wrapping done last night.  Kudos to hubby.  He did most of it.  And I THINK that save one gift (which I have GOT to get in the mail THIS WEEK), I am done with my Christmas shopping.  :fingers crossed:


  1. That’s so awesome that they play those movies on the big screen this time of year. I know you were really looking forward to White Christmas.

    I haven’t watched nearly as many Christmas movies as I usually do, either. I just feel like time is going by so FAST.

    1. I haven’t seen White Christmas at all…hmmn, methinks I should remedy that sooner rather than later.

      The kids and I were away for the weekend, two. I got my update posted, but my weekly wrap-up is still waiting; I had to get the kids’ homeschool reports out, since they’re due today.

      Sometimes life’s like that…

      Wishing you the delight of writing time before the season is over!

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