Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I’ve barely been updating lately.  First because I had the flu and wasn’t doing anything but resting and marathon watching various and sundry things on Netflix and then because I was over the flu and have been playing a great big game of catch up.  And also because I’ve been putting my focus on more practical matters than creative ones, as the university has mucked up my teaching salary for six weeks and I’ve had to focus on beefing up other sources of income (that’s finally getting straightened out Friday, thank you lord–and can we get a great big Boo for idiot bureaucracies?).

I replotted She’s Got A Way because Liam and Riley told me in no uncertain terms that they are a full novel, not the piddly 40k novella I had allotted them.  My mistake.  I’ve got the new outline and will be diving into that by the end of the week.

I knocked out a guest post I promised.

I’m about half through the print layout for my cookbook, Help!  Food Allergies Coming To Dinner, which I hope to finish today.

I did our taxes.

And I am ALMOST ready to reveal my new website.  I’ve been working hard on designing a new one that combines everything that’s already here, plus my cooking blog.  I hope to get THAT sorted by the end of the week (and as such, probably won’t be posting while I get content migrated and such).

I had a fantabulous writer weekend with Lockwood Monk, which contributed to general writer recharge and the plotting of and planning for an anthology novella that’s my next project after Liam and Riley.

I saw Jupiter Ascending, which I totally loved.  The score by Michael Giacchino, btw, is fantasatic.

And of course there’s been a crapton of catching up to do at the evil day job.  Which I must get back to.


Three Awesome Things

On a more personal awesome note, I am finally over the flu.  Not back to 100% but feeling like a human again.  I kinda quail at everything I need to do in order to catch up at work but we shall survive.


I love the new Budweiser commercial.  So does this Great Dane.  Watch him watch it.  Especially when it gets to the wolf.


The fabulous Maggie Smith in…well, any role, but in particular, Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey, which I’ve been catching up on Season 4 of while I was home sick.  It took me 13 months to get over the end of season 3 and I’m already taking Julian Fellowes name in vain (Episode 3! :STAB:).

Three Awesome Things

Seeing eye kitty!


Jason Porath has a fantastic website called Rejected Princesses “Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kids’ Movies. Updated Wednesdays.”  It’s part art project, part history lesson, all awesome.  I really dig this.


I love this review of Superhuman by Habit.  Brian Johnson hits all the high points of this book by Tynan, and I think it’s something we can all use.