Blindsight (Mirus Short: Freebie)

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Isla’s ability as a Seer has made her a life-long captive of a paranormal crime lord. Fae assassin, Ransom, offers her a chance at escape, but when she touches his hand she sees only blood, horror, apocalypse. What reason can Ransom have for wanting to rescue her, and can she possibly trust a man who deals in death?

Please note, if your copy does not end with another vision and instead stops in the bar office, you do not have the current version.  Please contact your retailer for the most recent file.

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Novella and Short Story Reviews


The city was burning. Ash drifted down like snow, blanketing the cracked pavement, mixing with the blood that leaked from broken bodies strewn in the street, on the sidewalks. In the distance the thunder of mortar shells competed with choruses of screams cut short before their crescendo.

Across the street a pack of vampires dragged a pair of women–mother and daughter by the look of them—down the steps of a smoldering brownstone, fighting and arguing with every step over who had rights to the kill. No one stopped to help. They were too busy running for the overturned cars that barricaded either end of the block, clamoring, climbing to escape this nightmare.

All around her creatures that should have lived in the dark, in the night, or on the fringes of the human world were running amok. In the broad light of day. The dregs of Mirus society had erupted, and the ignorant, foolish humans were paying the price.

A shadow blotted out the sun, and she looked up to see a dragon, glittering black wings extended in a magnificent show of strength as it hovered a dozen feet above the street. It inhaled, armored chest expanding before it opened its enormous mouth and rained fire over every living thing, Mirus and human.

Isla did not feel the burn, but that didn’t stop the bite of fear as she watched more people swarm in. Fae soldiers with flashing blades took formation against a small army of goblins and trolls. A pride of Felis and a pack of Wylk flanked the other side, tearing through the disorganized ranks of underworld creatures with vicious claws and fangs.

Blood, so much blood.

The sound of mortar shells drew nearer until she could see the tanks of the human military beyond the barricade of vehicles, surrounded by soldiers kitted out for urban warfare. They were being picked off along either side by creatures Isla didn’t even recognize. As she watched, a broad-shouldered, white-faced soldier went down under a mass of razor-studded tentacles, the spray of blood soaking his nearby companions.

A voice rose upon the air, overpowering the sounds of violence with a language of the ancients. Isla looked up to the rooftops and spotted a robed figure, arms raised to the heavens. In a sharp, divisive motion, he brought his hands down and apart. The ground trembled and split. Trolls and goblins screeched as they fell into the pit, and other fighters scrambled back to the relative safety of the edge to continue fighting. Backs turned, they didn’t see the beasts that emerged behind them, clawing, crawling, decimating everything in their path.

The staccato pop of automatic weapons announced the arrival of the military on the scene. Some of the citizens they were allegedly protecting went down in the spray of bullets. A young boy fell, motionless, across the body of a wraith. The dragon bellowed, rising up above the chaos to lay waste to the barricade and unleashing the paranormal hell on the last hope of the human race.



  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re writing more about these two! Loved this short story I can’t wait to read what happens next =)

  2. Why yes, I do love Ransom. Looking forward to seeing more of him *waggles eyebrows*. But seriously, I do love the way your write your male characters. I see a lot of other male leads from authors who are jerks even d-bags, but yours are always strong and caring.

  3. I really enjoyed the short story in the Kiss Me Kill Me anthology. Is the free short story from Smashwords the same? I guess what I really want to know is if I download your freebie will I get a little more than I did in the anthology?

      1. Heavy sigh. Ok. Then consider me waiting patiently for the release of the book.Tap tap tap. Maybe not so patiently. Happy writing!

  4. It was a very good story. The characters are excellent; I am excited to read what comes next. This short story left me wanting to understand the world better though. Not many books out there (or at least that I have ever heard of or read) have a setting with all of those kinds of creatures in a nowadays functioning society. It left me with questions like “Are fairy-tale creatures accepted in society? or is it like a fablehaven/harry potter scenario where society in general doesn’t really know?” I am really wanting a back-story on this world, so I can understand the relationship between everything in the story and an explanation as to how technology can coexist with magic and races of that intensity. I really am longing for more information about the planet and how things are and how they came to be, not the characters, but the world.

  5. I signed up for your mailing list and when I saw your email in my inbox for upcoming releases I thought it was the sequel to “Blindsight”. I was introduced to your writing through the free copy of “Blindsight” from Barnes and Noble. I must say that I loved it and am impatiently waiting for your sequel. I am pulling for Ransom and believe that if there is redemption for him, it will be through Isla. That being said, “Riven” has me intrigued, and I am hooked…off to BN for my copy.

  6. Which book contains more on the story of Mick and
    Sophie. Their story was just beginning in ‘Devil’s Eye’
    and I was really looking forward to rading more

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