Over the course of this blog, I have made available an assortment of resources for writers.  Unless you happen to stumble upon the posts mentioning them, you’ll never know about them, so I thought I’d put everything in one place.  If you do not have the current version of Microsoft Office, you can download a compatibility pack from Microsoft for free that will enable you to read them.

Scene Questionnaire: This is the detailed questionnaire I use for every scene to make sure it really has a place in my story.  I talk about it here.

The Story Blueprint: Not actually mine, but mostly my crit partner’s (I had input).  This is what turned this inveterate pantser into a plotter and what I fill out (to varying degrees) for every book.

Word Count Tracking: Tired of not being able to find a spreadsheet to track my annual word count (everything I found was NaNo specific), I finally decided to make my own.  I talk about it here.

Simplified Novel Notebook: Lynn Viehl offers up a fantastic Novel Notebook on her blog, but it wasn’t quite what I needed.  I adapted and simplified it more to my personal tastes.

Getting To Know You: Character Interviews: I compiled my series of posts about conducting character interviews into one handy, dandy downloadable file.

From-Pantser-to-Plotter: The Mac-Daddy Article of Pantsers vs. Plotters: My most popular series of posts, I wrote this originally for Lynn Viehl’s Left Behind and Loving It 2009.

Sales Tracking Template: For all you indies who need to track your sales and are spreadsheet-phobic, here’s an easily adaptable spreadsheet to make your tracking of sales easier.

A Tome About Promo for Indie Authors: My detailed take on how to promote yourself as an indie author on a shoestring budget.

Book Launch Planner: My obsessively detailed spreadsheet to track all aspects of a virtual book launch.



  1. Darn. This looks like great stuff to peruse. Regrettably, it’s all in .docx format, which those folk who can’t afford the latest and greatest software can’t read.

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