If you’re not a regular visitor to my blog, you probably don’t know what’s going on in my world and are probably just wondering when the next book is coming out.  Here’s where you can find out what I’m working on.

In Progress and Coming Soon

I’m having fun exploring some contemporary romance worlds at the moment.  There are some short stories in that vein I hope to share during the 2013 holiday season.

But what about Revelation?

I swear I have not forsaken this book.  It’s just that my brain has been hijacked by teenagers since January 2011.  And my return to the Mirus world came in the form of new characters rather than old.  I AM working on the plot of this book, which has taken several turns I did not expect.  I shall suss it out eventually, barring alien attack, the end of the world, a freak shortage of tea, or contractual obligations that move other projects ahead of it.

Coming Soon

If you’re not signed up for my Newsletter, hop, skip, or jump over there and do so.  I always announce new releases, so you won’t miss anything.


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