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I write in many genres.  Click on each title to find out more!

Paranormal Romance

Forsaken By Shadow: Mirus 1.1Devil's Eye: Mirus 1.2Blindsight: Mirus 1.3Genesis: Mirus 1 (Omnibus)Riven: Mirus 2

Whisper of Shadow: Mirus YA Standalone

Contemporary Romance

Wishful Series

Get Me You_1Be Careful It's My Heart: Wishful Series


Meet Cute Romance

Cover Attempt 2 Cover Attempt 9 Cover Attempt 2 Cover Attempt 2

YA Single Titles



Magical Mayhem (Includes Whisper of Shadow)




  1. I can’t wait for more books and stories to come out!! Really great reads that you don’t want to put down!!

  2. I really love the introductory stories into the new world of Mirus. The stories are well written, fast moving, giving you a wonderful peak inside of the world of Mirus. There are so many different types of Mirus that we are only given a small peak at a few. I am excited to see where our author takes us and what types of Mirus’ she will be matching together in the future and to read the continuation of the story of the Hunter and the Psychic. This story line can go on for quite a few years and here’s hoping it does! 5 stars for ingenuity, fast pace, character development, scene development, and the ability to loose oneself in the story. Very well done.

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