Paranormal Romance: Mirus Series

The Mirus series is set in a paranormal world unlike any you’ve visited before—inventive new mythology full of fast-paced action, dark dangers, sparkling magic, and sizzling, undeniable attraction. The series begins with Genesis, a collection of two novellas and a short story.

Forsaken By Shadow (Mirus: Genesis 1.1): Now available.

Devil’s Eye (Mirus: Genesis 1.2):  Now available.

Blindsight (Mirus: Genesis 1.3), your FREE glimpse into the Mirus world!  Now available.

Riven (Mirus 2): Now available



  1. I just started reading the Mirus series last week with Forsaken by Shadow. I loved it! I then bought all of them. I’ve read Blindsight, but SO much want to read the continuation of the story. I’m now reading Devil’s Eye and then expect to move on to Riven. I also have the Red series but I haven’t started it yet. I’m an avid reader as are my six daughters and many of my grandchildren. Congratulations on your writing —- and I really do hope you will give us the rest of the story of Isla and Ransom. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The story with Isla and Ransom in Blindsight was awesome. The connection between them and the possibility of what would be left me wanting more more more. What happens to them? I need to know. Loved the short thank you so much. The Mirus books are great! So now what happens with Isla and Ransom?

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