Three Awesome Things

On a more personal awesome note, I am finally over the flu.  Not back to 100% but feeling like a human again.  I kinda quail at everything I need to do in order to catch up at work but we shall survive.


I love the new Budweiser commercial.  So does this Great Dane.  Watch him watch it.  Especially when it gets to the wolf.


The fabulous Maggie Smith in…well, any role, but in particular, Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey, which I’ve been catching up on Season 4 of while I was home sick.  It took me 13 months to get over the end of season 3 and I’m already taking Julian Fellowes name in vain (Episode 3! :STAB:).


  1. Re: DA SSN 4: DIDN’T I TELL YOU?! The Adorable Batses ™ have more than earned their happiness! Now leave them alone!! *falls over*

  2. Looking forward to hearing your final assessment. (On a side note, will Lady Edith EVER catch a break? Yeesh.)

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